The name Deborah is Hebrew. Deborah was a Biblical prophetess and a sort of war hero. The name literally translated means “bee” or sometimes “industrious bee”. While I’m no prophetess or war hero (although I did support a war in the U.S. military), I identify mostly with the “industrious bee” definition of my name. When I actually force myself out of bed (sleeping is my favorite hobby) I am usually quite industrious. A big job plus two kids means you can’t lay in bed all day…although, I have tried. No, once I get going, I’m a fairly balls-to-the-wall kind of girl, working hard all day trying to keep my work and household systems in harmony. I wanted to create a spot where I could reveal small parts of my life, mostly for the purpose of learning to appreciate how special the simple things in life can be. It’s when I take time to acknowledge these daily events that I become truly grateful and at peace. So there will be lots of “I’m grateful for” notes as I stop and smell the roses, like an industrious bee taking a break from pollination duties.

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