PMA – What is it and why do I need it?

Thinking positive thoughts…

PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. Sounds like a belief one of my hippie friends would subscribe to. My understanding of PMA is that the majority¬†of our thoughts throughout the day are negative. When we allow negative thoughts/feelings to take root in our brain, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Negative thoughts reap negative outcomes. Or something like that. We want to change our thoughts to positive ones so we’ll have more positive outcomes. (I know I could have researched PMA to get a better idea of what it means to the world, but I’m keeping this at my level…in my brain. What PMA means to me. Judge not my friends.)

I have many negative thoughts. I think it’s more of a worried mother thing. I have negative thoughts about all the many things that could happen to my children in the day. Then I feel bad for having the bad¬†thoughts. And I wonder if I’m sheltering my kids too much. Or not enough. I wonder if I’m not spending enough time with them, if I’m doing enough for them, etc. Endless cycle of negativity and doubt. Ah, parenthood.

The doubts I have as a parent just continue on to other aspects of my life. Am I doing enough at work? Am I doing my best to take care of my team so they can accomplish the mission? They don’t like me sometimes, why is that? Am I okay with that? Am I sheltering them too much or not spending enough time with them? OMG, it’s like another set of kids. But they’re not. I’m not their mother. Not always anyway.

My brain is constantly judging me and making me doubt myself. I hate that! I hate how much energy my negativity and doubt takes. Man, talk about Debbie Downer!

In order to battle the negative thoughts and insecurities, some suggest wearing a rubber

I need a prettier PMA band.

band or a ribbon or something on your wrist and each time the self-doubt and negative thoughts comes up, you put the rubber band on the opposite wrist. Holy shit. I’d be playing with the rubber band all day! But still, it’s worth a try, right? Could I have a more positive, mental attitude? Will I smile more and give less stink eye? Will I seem more approachable and lose my RBF? Could I possibly be sick less often and suffer less from back and neck pain? Will I stop clenching my teeth all the time? Hmm.

I’ll give it a whirl. I’ve known some great people who believed in the power of PMA. I’ll let you know what happens. If you’ve tried this before, did it help? What are some tips to help me find success?

**Dedicated to my friend Aaron who firmly believed PMA would give him more time on this Earth. I’ll always remember and miss you my friend.